Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moosestache is a Classroom Winner!

Breck is 6. He wants more than anything to be a man. He says he's going to have a beard and a mustache and talk with a deep voice. When he's a man he'll drive a truck and work at a computer and do paperwork. That's his dream for now. His school holds an annual contest, Book Character Dress Up Day. The kids are supposed to (as the name suggests) dress up as a book character. They are to use items around the house and purchase little or nothing to put their costumes together and more points are awarded for students whose costumes are self-designed and created rather than ones whose costumes were clearly put together by the parents (although parents *can* help). It's a fine line, really. When he chose Moostache as his book character, it was PERFECT for him because he really does wish he had a long mustache like the character. It was too cute! Breck would have gotten a blog about his costume anyway, but because he actually won for his classroom, that makes it even sweeter.

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