Saturday, January 3, 2009


Both kids got bikes for Christmas--Santa brought Breck a great orange bike that matches his dragon helmet and My Carolyn and Papa John got Meric a Big Wheel. To say they love their bikes is an understatement. Over the break we have gone on at least one bike ride each day and sometimes two. It's pretty cute!

No Nap for Meric

National Boards are getting the best of me right now. It doesn't help that it is requiring 2 hours of my time each night to get Meric to bed...well, not to bed, but asleep. In an effort to recover National Board working time and not to lose it on a 2 year old, I've decided to alter my schedule to accommodate us both. If I'll just go ahead and go to bed when Meric does, then I won't be angry with her for preventing me from getting my work done. Plus, I'll have gone to bed early enough that I can get up at 4:00am and work for a couple of hours before kicking in gear to go to work.

I tried it this morning and it went just fine. I drank a pot of coffee and reread the standards (about 70 pages) for Entry 3. The kids were on the perfect schedule to get their naps on time and I was planning to work again through nap time. That was, until Meric entered the office, dropped a lap board from the chair onto my open laptop and busted the keys off.

Bridget the Awesome Great was calm and collected and continued to remind me, as I freaked out and cried, that I do have options. We have our desktop computer and I haven't lost any of my work. As the kids crawled into beds for nap, I got ready to work again...only no nap for Meric. What is up with this kid not sleeping? Is it developmental or is it intentional to drive me crazy!?