Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Costumes and a Little Dignity Anyone?

Okay, so we know no one reads our blog because we never blog. We read everyone else's blog, but we never seem to add to our own.

Meric is driving me absolutely bananas! I can't get clothes on her in the mornings...she wants to wear costumes to school. I really don't care if she wears a Uniqua costume, but without panties!? Come on! It took TWO ADULTS to dress that child this morning. By the time I got her to daycare she was still trying to catch her breath, her hair was all over the place and she had snot all over her face. Nice. Good times, good times.

Breck, willing to sacrifice a little dignity to make the girls laugh had a great day this week at school. His teachers made a comment that he had been playing with the pom-poms at recess. He insisted that he had been playing with the "tam-poms." Then realizing he was missing one, shouts out, "I dropped one of my tam-poms!" What a kid. At least he's willing to get dressed in the mornings.

I'd take any suggestions for a tantrum-throwing-2-year-old who can undress herself as quickly as I can dress her.